What Entertainment Lawyers Do, According To John Branca Attorney

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If you have ever heard about entertainment lawyers and then wondered what they do, you are not alone. As it turns out, many people do not have a clear idea about what these professionals do. For a better idea, consider what John Branca Age had to say in a recent Harvard interview.

According to John, this area of law has a technical focus, but reality can often be different from the technicalities. For a closer look, consider this.

Entertainment Law Has a Technical Focus

According to the books, entertainment law involves the legal affairs of entertainers who are often movie stars, singers, dancers, athletes and other types of stars. Often, these sorts of dealings involve things like estate planning and high-profile divorces, but entertainment law can include any legal aspect of a celebrity’s life.

In addition to helping famous individuals handle litigation concerns as they arise, an entertainment lawyer also works to help celebrities plan for their futures. This is a large reason why many consider estate planning, for example. More than that, however, entertainment lawyers help celebrities create and legitimize their brands.

Reality Differs, According to John Branca Attorney

Although the legal matters in a celebrity’s life are undoubtedly important for the individual and his or her family members, the law is the not primary focus of most entertainment lawyers. In contrast, John says, these lawyers often end up having many other non-legal roles, too:

In reality, entertainment lawyers often fulfill a role that is much bigger than simply a legal professional who aids celebrities. According to John Branca Attorney, it is common for these individuals to also juggle the roles of banker, therapist, accountant and business advisor.

Working With an Entertainment Lawyer Can Have Multiple Benefits

At the end of the day, working with an entertainment lawyer can have multiple benefits for celebrities who choose to invest in one. From disposing of and dispersing your wealth, to continuing your legacy or planning for philanthropic aspirations, there are numerous ways that an entertainment lawyer can help you plan for the future.

Because being a celebrity is being a business, working with an entertainment lawyer can help you keep your life in legal check at all times. Similarly, entertainment lawyers can also help you look ahead in planning the future.

Whether you choose to work with an entertainment lawyer is ultimately up to you, but there can be many good reasons to do so if you want to have a say in your legacy.

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