Tips for The Care of Gig Electric Piano Keyboards

Yoshiko Yap

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Working piano players face a few challenges when they decide to take their instrument on the road with them. Although an entertainer might be working in a venue that has a piano available, a standard upright or grand piano requires substantial routine maintenance to keep it in tune and playing smoothly. Therefore, to avoid disappointment and guesswork while on-site at the venue, pianists bring their electronic pianos with them. If you choose to bring your instrument to music gigs, taking steps to avoid damage to the piano while in transit will preserve the keyboard’s condition for performance.

Appropriate Storage

For protecting the synthesizer while on the road, experienced performers rely on a top-caliber keyboard case. For example, thick fabric-covered foam on the inside of quality cases cushions the instrument. Interior case straps secure the piano, while pockets in the gig bag lining hold cables, pedals and other needed accessories. Furthermore, to ensure that the electronic piano will not fall out of the case, the best ones feature a sturdy zippered closure. Exterior case luggage straps often enable attaching a piano stand and bench to the case, thus resulting in fewer trips back and forth transporting items from the vehicle to the stage. In addition, strong handles and wheels facilitate moving heavier keyboards and their accessories.

Gentle Handling

Even the best electric piano can suffer damage if roughly handled, subsequently leading to broken keys or displays, as well as harm to inputs and outputs, rendering the piano inoperable. Should this occur and your Roland keyboard stops working, it would be wise to obtain the skilled assistance of a professional instrument technician who can utilize roland synth replacement parts San Mateo CA and other needed tools to fix it for you.

In conclusion, with proper storage cases and mindful handling, the electronic piano keyboards that you work with will enjoy a long life, create fewer problems on the job and enable the working musician to optimize performance.

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