This “Polaroid-for-kids” gives your children their first taste of instant photography

Yoshiko Yap

The myFirst Insta Wi can click photos, record videos, print images on thermal-ink paper, and even print out labels. It’s designed to be uncomplicated enough for a child to use and is built with a cute-yet-robust design that can easily tolerate more than a few accidental drops or throws.

Designer: myFirst

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 ($50 off).

Your child may have to wait till they’re 18 to legally join a social media network and share their images with friends on the internet (although whether that’s a good thing is a completely different argument), but they shouldn’t have to wait till they’re 18 to get their first taste at photography. The myFirst Insta Wi is an adorable little instant camera that allows children to click photos, apply filters, print images out, and even record videos right on a powerful yet simple device that makes photography easy to understand without constantly needing to be connected to the internet… or even requiring expensive instant-developing photo paper.

The Insta Wi does, however, come with a companion smartphone app that lets you transfer the photos to your phone, edit them, and even design ​labels​/stickers​ for your kid to print out and mark their belongings like an adorable little mini-Monica!

The camera comes with a child-friendly design featuring a rounded-rectangle body with soft corners, ears on the side to anthropomorphize the design, an easy-to-use interface, a vibrant color scheme that matches the Pantone Colors of the Year, and perhaps its most underrated feature, a lanyard that lets the kids carry the camera around their neck just like a pro photographer (while also ensuring the camera stays on them and doesn’t get lost).

Ditching complex assemblies and cartridges entirely, the Camera ships with a cradle to dock it on, and runs on a built-in 1,500mAh battery that gives up to 5 full hours of continuous usage. It comes equipped with a memory card slot, so you can store photos and videos digitally on an SD Card, and even lets you transfer media via WiFi to a parent’s phone for editing or posting on social media on behalf of the child.

If you DO want to transfer media to other devices like a laptop, a USB2.0 slot on the side lets you easily connect the camera to your computer for transferring images, editing them in professional software, and printing them out in color on your desktop printer. For everything else, the Insta Wi comes with its own thermal printer that makes printing easy and cost-effective without requiring complex parts like expensive ink cartridges.

A roll of thermal-in paper sits inside the camera’s body, and with the push of a button, kids can print out any of the photos they’ve clicked. The smartphone app also turns the Insta Wi into a label-maker, allowing parents and kids to design labels that can then easily be printed out on adhesive-backed thermal-ink paper (like the ones you find in label-makers).

Using the camera is an absolute breeze too. The Insta Wi comes with two cameras, a main front-facing camera with a focus distance of 50mm, and a rear selfie-cam with a focus distance of 20mm for those closer shots. The camera can click pictures at resolutions of 6, 9, or 12 megapixels, and even perform HD video recording at 1080p or 720p (at 30fps) with audio, while a 2.4″ IPS LCD panel on the rear of the camera acts as your viewfinder, letting you compose your shots. To make things even more interesting, the Insta Wi comes with its own set of pre-installed filters and frames to make taking photos and videos a great deal of fun… without having to hand your kid a smartphone!

Each myFirst Insta Wi camera ships with the dock/cradle, the lanyard, a USB data/PD cable, a MicroSD Card and Card Reader, a user manual, as well as 5 different rolls of thermal-ink paper (regular, sticker-paper, and label-cut). The camera uses any regular 57mm-wide roll of thermal-ink paper (26mm roll thickness), and you can buy additional rolls of regular as well as transparent and colored paper rolls as an add-on purchase. The camera set is available on Kickstarter for a holiday-discounted price of $69 and comes with a 1-year warranty. It even ships right before the holidays for the first 5000 backers, making it a perfect Christmas gift for shutterbug enthusiasts of literally all ages!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $129 ($50 off). Raised over $100,000.

This “Polaroid-for-kids” gives your children their first taste of instant photography

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