These Future Star Wars Videos Have New Official Release Dates… Supposedly

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Disney introduced a several important movie pushbacks, together with Star Wars. But actually, I’m not holding my breath that we’ll see them at all.

Disney lately announced a number of launch film day pushbacks, including Marvel, Avatar, and Star Wars titles. But with these release-date shakeups come new formal release dates. So we should however sense really protected knowing that these initiatives will definitely see the light-weight of day, correct? Regretably, I’m dubious.

The Projects and the Pushbacks

As of appropriate now, there are 3 characteristic films Star Wars on Disney’s galactic calendar. The initial however untitled undertaking experienced a release date of December 19th, 2025, and has due to the fact been pushed back again to May perhaps 22nd, 2026. That’s only about a six-month change and not terribly relating to so considerably.

The other two jobs are also untitled, though. Just one is scheduled for a December 18 2026 launch date with the other set to comply with up about a yr later on December 17th, 2027.

In the grand scheme of modern Disney reschedules, this is all quite small and on its very own would hardly be a blip on my radar. Just after all, Avatar 5 is receiving a multi-yr hold off and will not be released until 2031. Oof. Sorry, Avatar followers.

What are These Motion pictures Even Going to Be?

by means of Lucasfilm

At this level, so quite a few Star Wars assignments have been floated, promised, announced to a great deal fanfare, and then shelved and seemingly neglected permanently. What transpired to Rangers of the New Republic? What about Rogue Squadron? It is really hard to get thrilled about a motion picture when it appears all but certain and then under no circumstances even helps make it into creation.

As for these now forthcoming movies, we know that the Taika Waititi Star Wars venture is in pre-production and set to get started filming in 2024. And right after that, a model new motion picture, starring Rey as she attempts to rebuild the Jedi Get, was introduced this year at Star Wars Celebration in London. Kathleen Kennedy promised that unique film was currently perfectly underway- which to me suggests being created, forged, etc. A further motion picture nearly particularly a calendar year after that?

Truthfully, your guess is as great as mine. Probably a sequel to the Rey movie? Perhaps Mando and Grogu will be having the large monitor. Who is aware.

But this was all just before the writer’s strike. And till these large organizations make your mind up to commence having to pay the folks who make their tales what they are worth, those people stories may be on indefinite hiatus. Let’s hope they make your mind up to begin shelling out up shortly.

Disney Doesn’t Often Appear to Know What to Do With Their Franchises

by using Disney+

Sometimes I continue to believe of the previously MCU films and ponder when everything fell off. There just applied to be a larger concentration of greater flicks that strike more durable and manufactured a lot more sense. And now we have to sit by way of a Quantumania in hopes that the following detail will be a minor a lot more watchable.

Regretably, it’s not tricky to see the identical troubles in Star Wars. Some tasks will be unbelievable, like Andor. And many others feel like they floundered all-around with no actual strategy. At the very minimum, we are entitled to to see some volume of scheduling and forethought in just trilogies. For all of their concerns, at least Marvel has a approach.

So it is challenging to feel thrilled about movies that may possibly never ever see the light of day with plots, themes, and even time intervals that we simply cannot start to nail down or guess. And now with these pushbacks, it is even more durable to get psyched due to the fact, with a historical past of indefinitely shelving jobs, the small voice in the back again of my head whispers, “Those films are not going on.”

Which of the the latest Disney movie pushbacks are you most upset about? Least? What do you consider the a few introduced forthcoming Star Wars jobs will be? If you could publish your personal Star Wars film, what would it be about? Allow us know in the remarks!

May the Power be with you, adventurers!


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