Simple Tips to Steal the Show at Your Next Gala Event

Yoshiko Yap

If you’ve got a ticket to an upcoming gala and you really want to make a good impression, then you’re in the right place! We’re here to talk to you about what you can do to really steal the show, from what to wear to conversation topics and walking with confidence. Think about these things in advance and on the day, you will feel confident and prepared to really shine at the event.

Get The Dress Code Right to A Tee

Our first tip is to make sure that you get the dress code for the event right to a tee! It is highly likely that there will be a dress code on the invite, which is likely to be at least Black Tie. This will involve wearing a floor length evening gown, heels, a clutch bag and some fantastic vintage jewellery. The best tip we can give you is to go for something classically beautiful, not going for anything too garish. A simple black floor length dress with a scooped back will be breathtaking.

Then, our top tip to really help you stand out is to wear vintage jewellery, as not only is it completely unique and absolutely beautiful, but it will be a great point of conversation if someone asks about it. If you do choose the simple black dress, you should go with a stunning vintage emerald ring and a matching necklace, to really bring the outfit to life. With an up-do and simple makeup, you can let the jewellery do the talking.

When you are dressed well, this will be a great start to the evening.

Go with Interesting Conversation Topics

Another thing that you can do to steal the show at a gala is to go with interesting conversation topics. When you go to the event with plenty to say, it will automatically draw people to you, helping you to feel more comfortable as well as helping you to develop good relationships with new people. Some good things to discuss are anything interesting that they’ve read, podcasts they’ve listened to, favourite travel destinations, childhood memories, music taste, film and so much more. Don’t force any conversation, you want it to feel completely natural, but just try to get to know people and their interests and then go from there!

Walk with Confidence

Last but not least, a really important thing to do when stealing the show is to walk with confidence. When you are walking around the gala, keep your head up high and smile, as well as choosing a dress and shoes that you can easily walk in, rather than feeling uncomfortable which will immediately affect your confidence. A good tip if you have new shoes is to make sure you practice walking around in them, not only to feel more confident, but also to wear them slightly to  make sure you don’t get any blisters on the big day, as that’s the last thing you want to worry about!

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