Shea Serrano Q&A: JTA appreciate, Warriors takes, Steph Curry concept tunes

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Shea Serrano is a author, podcaster, writer and he just may possibly be the most truly appreciated persona on Twitter. His most recent guide, “Hip-Hop (And Other Factors),” which is illustrated by artist Arturo Torres, made the two the first Mexican Us residents to make the New York Situations Finest Sellers Record 4 moments. 

He just so happens to also be the world’s biggest Juan Toscano-Anderson lover as well as a substantial admirer of the San Antonio Spurs.

NBC Sports activities Bay Area a short while ago caught up with Serrano to speak about his views on this season’s Warriors group, his like for JTA, Steph Curry’s greatness, Klay Thompson’s fandom and much extra. 

The interview has been a bit edited for clarity.

Dalton Johnson: The Warriors are off to a pink-incredibly hot start out this period. What have you thought of them, primarily bringing back again some of the fantastic vibes of the previous teams?

Shea Serrano: They glance hard. Steph has just been out of his f–king head. It looks like each individual time I turn the Tv set on, they’re like ‘Steph is up to 41 yet again. Put the Warriors sport on.’ It’s been fantastic to look at, due to the fact it does experience like when they were on the way up once again.

There was certainly a period of time of Warriors fatigue, particularly soon after they obtained [Kevin] Durant. It wasn’t enjoyment. It was not as fun as the 73-9 year when it was Steph and Klay and Dray and they’re just f–king functioning everyone off the court. It was like you might be seeing basketball magic.


Observing them this yr, it feels like that all over again, which is fantastic simply because I assume that’s like the complete level of the Warriors and the NBA is to do that. Who appreciates what happens when Klay gets back, but we are talking about the two finest shooters at any time in the background of basketball and they are on the identical group and it really is just f–king neat to view. Steph, it feels like he’s obtaining prepared for Klay to be there with him yet again.

And then you include a Jordan Poole who has been placing up factors, and you are appropriate — it does remind me of that 73-acquire group and Jordan Poole has a minimal little bit of that Klay in him.

Yeah, yeah. They’re just a enjoyable team.

You have experienced some excellent tweets about Juan Toscano-Anderson. The place did you to start with listen to about him?

So, a thing’s been going on for many many years for me wherever any time nearly anything at all has anything at all to do with Mexicans, I get a million tweets in a row about it, like immediately. Right away! So when Juan started off popping up, he was in the Mexican League and they ended up like, ‘Hey, there is certainly a participant down here.’ This was like 2018 or somethin’ like that, 2017. They’d deliver me minor clips of him, then you begin studying about him and you realize, oh he is Mexican, much too. Of course, his name is Juan.

You start out to get plugged in a bit and you happen to be waiting around. Is he likely to make it to the league? And then he ends up on the Warriors, and is out there operating around like a madman diving into the stands and s–t. You might be just like, ‘Yeah, all correct — I’m in.’ When was it, very last calendar year that he signed his offer with the Warriors?

Yeah, he called his mother and was crying at the podium. It was great.

Yeah, it was so good to observe that come about. So in all probability 2018 was the 1st I experienced read his identify — 2017, 2018, someplace all around there. I know 2020 particularly, he was a factor. And then when he signed his proper deal and you understood he was likely to be in the league for a number of a long time, we ended up all celebrating that it took place.

We ended up celebrating like he was connected to us, which is insane.

I saw him give you some really like back again just after you shouted him out on a new “Actual Types” with Logan Murdock. Have you and Juan ever connected?

Not something further than a little something like that. Just in passing, ‘Hey, I’m a fan of yours. I’m rooting for you.’ That sort of issue. I’ve by no means been the sort to attempt and chase down interactions with players. I just like to sit in the stands and enjoy and cheer. That’s where I am the most at ease. I don’t want to attempt and be friends with NBA players or regardless of what. [Laughs.]


That’s not excellent for my ego to just be all over 6-foot-6 multi-millionaires.

Back again in March, you tweeted that you ended up the No. 1 JTA lover. Are you nevertheless wearing that crown? And the Warriors mentioned they’d deliver you a jersey. Did that ever take place?

No. 1, yeah, I’m still the No. 1 Juan Toscano-Anderson supporter in America. And No. 2, no, I turned the jersey down due to the fact I failed to want to get it for free of charge. I have to purchase it. That is why I asked them not to send out it to me for absolutely free, mainly because what type of ass would I be if I just did not obtain the jersey.

We ultimately, right after a long time and years — it was him and Devin Booker at the similar time, are you kidding me. We went from … it was Eduardo Nájera right before for the Dallas Mavericks, who was great, he was in the league, fantastic. But he was by no means witnessed as cool, never ever interesting. And Juan and Devin are each leading-level neat.

In this kind of different techniques, as well.

Just. In entirely distinctive strategies. It really is just great. It really is so considerably fun looking at Juan enjoy basketball. You happen to be just like, f–k yeah.

Juan’s an Oakland indigenous living his desire actively playing for the Warriors. How significant is his illustration as a Mexican American athlete for young supporters?

It feels unique now that I am an old guy. He is youthful than me, so I sense significantly less like you would when you had been a child.

This is a best case in point. When I was coaching basketball at the middle school the place I was teaching, this was someplace around 2013 or 2014 — this was a predominantly Latino college but we experienced two Asian children on the crew. We had been executing the jersey selection day, we’re passing out jerseys, appear get your jerseys, and they the two appear in and one’s was like, ‘Coach, coach, coach! Permit me get the No. 7, allow me get that No. 7!’ And I was like, ‘All suitable, go ahead, you can have it. What is actually going on with No. 7?’ And he just appeared at me and he was like, ‘Jeremy Lin!’ I was just like, oh s–t, that’s f–kin’ amazing.

I consider if you might be a kid proper now on a center college basketball group, a high faculty basketball team, an below-12 basketball team, it feels like a super unique matter. I come to feel now like I am seeing the generation beneath me progress even further. That’s like what you want as a guardian. You want your young ones to do far better than you did. It feels like a version of that for me now. [Juan’s] taking it earlier the place every person in my era was able to get it. We have this new human being who shows up and developments it ahead for all people powering him. So that’s more what it feels like for me, which is exclusive in a diverse way.


Steph performs the recreation so substantially distinct than nearly anything we have ever observed and has affected this up coming technology. If he experienced a concept music for when he was on the court, what would it be?

You need to have like what ballet dancers dance to. Simply because Steph, when he shoots the ball, it’s like art. You happen to be seeking at a painting. Probably a far better respond to is whatever audio they play within the Guggenheim when you’re going for walks all around looking at stuff. Which is what plays in my head when I’m seeing him shoot.

Keep in mind that one clip the place he just f–king shredded the full Clippers protection? You will find a great gradual-motion movie of that that was heading all over. It can be like No. 1, how are you undertaking that? It felt like more than basketball, which is a pretty romantic way to describe it, but which is what it felt like to look at him do that guiding-the-again issue, run to the top rated of the key, the free of charge throw line, falling backwards and toss up that rainbow shot and observe it drop in there.

You need new music like that. No text or anything at all. Like in the films, when they enjoy a audio to allow you know you might be seeking at one thing particular.

Have you ever found an individual as universally beloved as Klay Thompson?


Yeah, he’s one particular of these players most people just loves him. No. 1, because he’s terrifying on the court. If Klay Thompson hits two 3s in a row, it is just like, ‘Well f–k, we’re useless. We are heading to die now. Which is likely to transpire.’ And he goes nuts in a video game in only a way that Klay Thompson can go nuts. He is going to rating 60 details and dribble the ball maybe 12 occasions. You see that soon after the sport and whatsoever the figures had been and you’re like, ‘What the f–k?! How do you do that?!’ So there’s that part.

He also just appears like the nicest man having the very best time. But awesome in a way which is nearly a minimal overwhelming. Not nice in a Mr. Rogers way, but awesome like when there was a child at your university who was a black belt and every person understood he was a black belt but he never mentioned he was a black belt. Just don’t f–k with that person.

That’s Klay, he’s good. Which is a different case in point. When he did that head hanging out the window online video, I experienced 400 persons send that to me.

When he was out in Mexico.


Ideal. I was like, ‘All appropriate, he gets to be portion of our Mexican basketball staff now.’

I have to request this. Is Kerr, Steph, Draymond and Klay the new Pop, Duncan, Tony and Ginobli? Or do you want to punch me in the facial area just inquiring that?


I really don’t imagine they are there nevertheless. I really don’t believe so. Oh, that is a great issue. If they can set collectively two or 3 far more decades, then you can have that dialogue. How quite a few titles do they have? A few, correct?

Three, yeah.

But a single of them you have to toss out, simply because Kevin Durant. So seriously, they have two. So they have two titles. So they will need a few additional titles, but with that team all with each other. Then I’d really feel Ok stating it.

I you should not assume Kerr is anyplace in close proximity to as fantastic of coach as Pop is. The Warriors and the Spurs are connected in a bunch of interesting unique strategies. Just one of which is we have been the staff y’all performed in the playoffs when everyone recognized y’all ended up going to be unsafe. This was before y’all had received just about anything. It was the year in advance of.

Steph came in and started off undertaking him and everyone was like what the f–k is going on appropriate now? We ended up supposed to blow y’all out. And Steph was not getting it, and it was terrifying. I remember that playoff series happening. I in no way compensated notice to the Warriors in advance of then. I paid out awareness to Steph when he was at Davidson for the reason that all people was producing this kind of a major deal and then received into the league and for a quick next he had ankle challenges and it was like, it truly is most likely not heading to operate out for this man. Then that series happened and you are like, oh s–t, it truly is likely to tremendous perform out for this man, and he is just been nuts.

I try to remember I tweeted, I think it was that calendar year right after we played y’all and I was like, if Steph wins a championship, it really is heading to be in excess of for every person for the following 5 yrs. When you win the title, every thing adjustments. Similar thing’s occurring when we were viewing Giannis this year. When he won that title very last 12 months, everyone’s just like, ‘Well, f–k.’ They get that style — the championship-winning style — and they know what it will take to acquire it and they want it far more than anyone else or as a lot as any person else, but also, they have the benefit of figuring out how to do it.

The Warriors are fantastic, male. That is what is actually frightening this 12 months. They have that same we are-on-the-way-up energy, but you have Steph and Dray, who have accomplished it presently. You know that Draymond is in Jordan Poole’s ear each game, just acquiring him prepared for the playoffs.

Yeah, he is.


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