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Jan C Schlegel – Aequorea Forskalea

Roland Belgrave provides Jan C Schlegel’s ‘Of Aliens, Mermaids and Medusas’, a restricted-version portfolio, exhibiting a collection of rare and beautiful platinum images of one of the most enigmatic of prehistoric sea creatures. The Jellyfish.

This sequence, shown for the very first time at London Photo 2022 is an crucial glance at these beautiful sea dwellers. There is so considerably that has nonetheless to be investigated about them, with latest discoveries remaining determined every single year. Particular to our atmosphere, and local climate alter it has only just been identified that particular species consume and demolish micro-plastics, right until now a single of the most harming of pollutants in our ocean. We are just beginning to fathom the great importance of the Jellyfish ecology to our ocean procedure. This do the job by Jan C Schlegel is a main venture, capturing these crucial and gorgeous Jelly Fish.

The artist encourages us to use our creativity, inhabiting the fantasy and dreamscape of every single composition. These photographs unleash the capacity to produce, evolve and exploit psychological types of matters or scenarios that really don’t but exist, seizing and creating new chances, and discovering new paths to advancement.

The challenge has taken Jan C Schlegel all the way to Cape City, working on the collection at the Two Oceans Aquarium. They supported his do the job and authorized Jan to take shots in their Jellyfish lab. As a mate described to him ‘It is trees on a lonely earth floating in the universe’,

While these invertebrates can be terrifying, they’re also interesting and improperly recognized. Jellyfish are not fish, they are essentially plankton from the phylum Cnidaria (Greek for “stinging nettle”) and the course Scyphoza (from the Greek “cup”).

Most jellyfish have two basic daily life phases. In the first stage, they are polyps and mature by producing buds, like plants. The polyp then buds off a younger jellyfish named an ephyra. Just after a couple of months, the ephyra becomes an grownup jellyfish or medusa.

Due to the fact jellyfish really don’t have any bones, fossils of ancient jellies are complicated to obtain. But in 2007, a preserved jellyfish fossil was identified in Utah which is considered to be around 505 million many years previous. Dinosaurs lived from about 245 million to 66 million a long time back, meaning jellyfish pre-day them by at least 250 million a long time.

Roland Belgrave Classic Photography

Photo London 2022
12 – 15 May 2022
Somerset Home

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