Moco Museum: The hidden gem in the city of Amsterdam

Yoshiko Yap

There are so many things you can do inside the city of Amsterdam. It is after all one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. But Amsterdam also offers several hidden gems that would dazzle the most discerning visitor. The Moco museum is one of these gems. The museum is a must-see when you are in Amsterdam and you will see why later in this post.

What is the Moco Museum?

The Moco is a strategically located museum of modern art. The location is at the heart of Amsterdam, fully surrounded by other tourist attractions as well. The Moco showcases a huge range of modern artworks from artists drawn across Europe.

It is one of two such museums in Europe. The other one is located in Barcelona. The primary goal of the Moco is to offer a profoundly unique experience for visitors to the city. You will enjoy colorful and breathtaking works here.

Why you should visit the Moco?

There are several key reasons why the Moco is a great place to visit the next time you are in Amsterdam. First, the museum features some of the best contemporary art you will ever see. It brings together creators from a huge set of backgrounds. This ensures that you get to see an innovative and unique pool of artwork.

In addition to this, the amazing ambiance of this museum will also be perfect. With its large hallways, beautiful interior décor, and outstanding exhibitions, the Moco will deliver such a fulfilling experience when you step into its doors.

Thirdly, art collectors can also buy modern pieces here during auctions. These auctions are however very exclusive and not all people are invited in. If you would want to own a piece of modern art from top creators across the Netherlands, you must sign up for a membership subscription with the museum. This will allow you to get full access to its exclusive events.

What perks does the Moco offer?

The moment you step into the Moco, there will be a few important perks to expect. At first, tickets are very affordable and if you decide to bring friends and colleagues with you, the ticket price will be much lower. You will also be able to get some incredible items at the gift shop. You can step in there and pick a few memorable items for you and your family. The Moco is one of the best modern art museum Amsterdam. It will be worth your time.

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