Is The Unnamed Universe a Viable Competitor to Marvel and DC’s Dominance?

Yoshiko Yap

Geoff Johns created the Unnamed Universe as a place to explore a fascinating post-apocalyptic world and discuss unique American History events and concepts. But what exactly is the Unnamed Universe and could it compete directly with Marvel and DC? The potential behind this universe could be unlimited, depending on how Johns and his artistic collaborators approach its development.

Understanding the Unnamed Universe

The Unnamed Universe is a concept created by Johns that explores the consequences and realities of the Unnamed War. This conflict destroys civilization and forces people underground to avoid radiation and other dangers. So far, it focuses on two comics that bring differing perspectives to the universe.

Geiger was the first published Unnamed Universe comic, and it focuses on the adventures of the titular character. The success of this comic caused Johns to expand the story with a comic called The RedCoat based on an immortal warrior who has fought in every American war since the Revolution.

This fascinating universe could create many fun and engaging storylines for comic book fans to explore. However, is it possible that Johns and his team could compete directly with Marvel and DC and take significant readership numbers away from this expansive and loyal fan base?

Could It Compete With Marvel and DC?

Johns has plenty of experience with Marvel and DC and understands what makes these comics work on a storytelling level. As a result, he brings plenty of storytelling might to this series and could make it one that competes with Marvel and DC on an artistic level. But what about pure financial numbers?

Both Marvel and DC have far more money than Johns and Image Comics can bring to the table. Their billion-dollar models are hard to compete with directly, and Johns doesn’t seem interested in edging into their bottom line too much. However, it’s clear that there’s definitely a market for alternatives.

While Marvel and DC still make a lot of money with each film release, the critical and audience reception to many of their movies and comics has been fading. The stories are starting to seem too similar, the approach too safe. With minimal risks being taken, some fans are getting bored.

Therefore, it’s not too outlandish to imagine some flocking to comics like Geiger or The RedCoat as an alternative to Marvel’s playing-it-safe approach or DC’s too-dark style. Johns and his artists have a real chance to create a universe that fans will love and appreciate beyond the Marvel fold.

Tracking This Series

While it might be overly optimistic to assume that The Unnamed Universe could compete with Marvel or DC in sheer numbers, the fact that Johns is involved gives it more weight than it would have otherwise. It is safe to say that this series provides a unique alternative for people who have grown tired of the Marvel world and want a more restrained and thoughtful approach to their comic books.

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