How to Choose a Music Major for Violinists

Yoshiko Yap

Choosing a major when exploring music is one of the hardest decisions. Since music is a broad industry, you need to make up your mind and define exactly the major you want to explore. There are so many considerations you need to take note of and if you’re here to get some help, you’ve landed on the right page.

List down your top school choices

The first thing you need to do is to list down all your top school choices. You need to figure out what schools you are interested in. This is the first step and this is where all your research will begin.

You probably have dream schools where you want to explore a degree or maybe recommendations from your parents. You might want to collect all these schools and see the most ideal one for you. There are schools that offer the best violin courses you can try.

After you lay down all your school top choices, you can now explore what major or degree they have for you.

Research offered music degrees

Most schools have a website you can access online. You can do your research about the music degree they offer. Do they offer instruction for learning a particular instrument? Or do they only have degrees meant for singing? Music also has varying degrees and you need to understand the differences in every music degree in an institution. It would also help if you read their syllabus or details of the course so you can see the scope and conclude if it’s right for you.

However, before you start searching, you must know in particular what music degrees interest you so you can save time. For more organized research, you might want to compile it in a folder. For every school choice you have, make sure to list the music degrees they have.

Consult your music teacher

If there’s a person you can rely on and get reliable advice, it’s a music teacher. You might want to connect to a music teacher and ask what particular music degree or major is in good shape to try. A teacher will also ask you what interests you. If it’s singing, then he will recommend getting a degree in singing. However, if you want to explore playing an instrument, then he will direct you to a course that would explore this kind of area.

A music teacher can also give you a list of schools or recommendations where you can start a music degree. You can also take the time to ask him what degree would have a nice career in the future.


Choosing a music major for violinists can be hard. However, if you know the things you need to consider and people to talk to, the task will become easier. Try to follow the list mentioned above and take time to contemplate the particular area you want to explore. Don’t forget to seek and reach out to musical professionals to give you a clear view and help you decide on something you won’t regret in the future.

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