Fashion Terms Every Fashion Photographer Must Know

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Style pictures is about, well… trend. As basic as that seems, several photographers nonetheless get caught up in the technicalities of it without the need of supplying far too much notice to the subject matter. In this write-up, I will go about some of the most common manner conditions that every single photographer will have to know when doing the job with vogue.

Bear in mind that this is only a compact part of what you want to know. As this is a images-concentrated publication, these are defined through the lens of photography as considerably as feasible.

Why Is This Relevant for Photographers?

You may well surprise what vogue terms have to do with images. In fact, this isn’t something digital camera-related. But, did you get started pictures since you liked the digital camera or because you liked what you could photograph with it? The “what” aspect is important but will get misplaced among the the equipment-linked discuss. I really encourage you to learn further about whichever style you may perhaps be in!

Without having further ado, let us bounce suitable in.


Small for “bohemian”, this is a totally free, calm, and flowing type popularized by “hippies” in the 1960s and 1970s. It is typically a good strategy to emphasize movement and movement with admirer equipment. Gentle can be used to further carry out the totally free move of the design and style.


Outlined, box-like edges on a garment. The silhouette of the garment is important as the human being putting on it gets androgynous. A perfect commencing position for blending gender boundaries through styling, makeup, and manner images.


Frequently, an outside fabric that is created out of hefty cotton yarn. Terrific source for texture and depth in your visuals. Challenging light paired with canvas can make good depth which grabs awareness.


A tender material that is quite fine and sensitive. You can use softness in your impression to further spotlight cashmere.


A delicate-sensation but textured fabric that will be a great source for texture. An interesting way to photograph chenille would be by utilizing an even but hard mild. That way the deep coloration, as properly as texture, will be seen.


A personal most loved. Slightly rough in texture but colorful cloth terrific for displaying colour transitions and wealthy saturation. A slight shine will make the material all the a lot more pleasing. There is a threat of possessing moiré when working with chiffon.


A model of outfits that is regarded timeless. An example would be a white shirt and black trousers. The eye is utilized to these kinds, which makes it a minor a lot more tough to deliver an image run by styling. Working with uncommon light, or posing can even so compensate.

Picture: Illya Ovchar @illyaovcharphoto
Make-up: Alice Högberg @som_alice
Styling: Alina Ellstrom @ alinaellstrom
Model: Sanna Bjelm @sannabjelm
Agency: Sweden Styles Company @swedenmodelsagency


A light-weight wrinkled and bumpy fabric. The high-quality texture is great with a difficult contrasted light.

Cruise Use

Just like yacht rock, it is clean and peaceful. If you are doing work with seaside style, appear no more than cruise have on. Below you may well locate it useful to emulate sunlight or to have a quite vibrant shade palette.


Even though not a type, this expression refers to donning dresses that stem from variations that usually don’t go collectively. Eclectic styling mixtures make for incredibly intriguing images that seize the viewer’s consideration effortlessly.


A motion for pushing tendencies to the limitations. An edgy designer may possibly produce a corset intended to be worn on prime of a costume. I’d recommend remaining cautious with these dresses as sometimes it can get too edgy which can consider a damaging toll on your total voice.

Styling @hadishasovetova
Hair @karinajemelyjanova
Make-up @knollmakeup
Model @rekafedra /@facemodelmanagementhungary
Initially assistant @seloua_benkaid_kasbah
Retouch @retouchconcept


Yet another phrase for describing the total outfit. Take into account the geometry, color, and pattern in each individual ensemble and construct your light-weight all over the ensemble.


A style that is a few seasons forward of its time. Normally, photographers are inclined to avoid it as it can make their get the job done seem out-of-date. However, possessing a number of style-ahead illustrations or photos can do a good deal towards building tour perform show up much more exceptional.


Not to be bewildered with chiffon, georgette is thicker and heavier. It will not transmit gentle as very well as chiffon. Nevertheless, it is however a extremely identical truly feel so you can use very similar gentle for georgette as you do for chiffon.


Vibrant flashy and shiny garments. The 90s ended up particularly regarded for glam appears which are producing a comeback now. When operating with glam take additional treatment of the reflections and discover matters such as star filters to additional convey out the flashiness.

Haute Couture

French for “high sewing,” this indicates high manner. Separately designed large-end items that exist in a one amount. A favored amid many photographers.


Botton edge of a gown, or any other factor of clothing. As the product moves, you can observe the hemlines to examine motion, or static in your photograph.

In Vogue

If it’s fashionable it is in vogue. In-vogue outfits tends to fall out of manner as fast as it gets trendy. As far as editorial goes, these are the most time-delicate items to photograph.


When the garment changes shade or shade as it interacts with unique light-weight. Go abnormal and check out to deliver out this iridescence. Chiffon or sequin are excellent illustrations of this.

Hair& Makeup @karinajemelyjanova
Styling @nagyemesestylist
Product @polgar_tunde_formal
Company @silverchicmodels
Assistant @marthonmarcell
Retouch @justlike_magic

Knife Pleat

Sharp folds normally observed on skirts. Combined with challenging light make superb distinction on the garment.


A term describing a color gradient in the costume. A mix of gradated gels can bring out this component of the ensemble.

Photograph: Illya Ovchar @illyaovcharphoto
Hair&Make-up: Fruzsina Hollósi @makeup_by_fruzsinahollosi
Stylist: Richard Demeter @richarddemeter
Stylist assistant : Berta Bagi @bertabagi
Model: Viktoria Lomnasan @victorialomnasan @facemodelmanagementhungary
Site: Le Til Kúria @letilkuria
1st Assistant : Seloua Benkaid Kasbah @seloua_benkaid_kasbah
Publish-Production: Zahar @justlike_magic


Identical to in vogue, but refers to a greater basic trend, this sort of as torn sweatshirts in the 1980s. The much more observant photographers will look at out for these and include things like related photos in their e-book.


Just like the songs, it entails a ton of leather, torn cloth, and chains. A entrance flash will further more deliver out the aspect of urban roughness to this model.


Loose hanging, but not outsized clothes. Mainly because they conceal the overall body, you can examine androgynous motifs in just a comfortable model of garments.


The shape or define of the garment.

Picture: Illya Ovchar // @illyaovcharphoto @wonderfulmachine
Hair&Makeup: Alice Högberg // @som_alice
Styling: Alina Ellstrom // @Alinaellstrom
Design: Sanna Bjelm // @sannabjelm
Agency: Sweden Styles Company // @swedenmodelsagency
Put up-Manufacturing: Zahar // @justlike_magic


A smooth fabric that shines. Because of to the rich coloration, it is generally a staple of sophistication and superior-stop outfits.

Photo: Illya Ovchar @illyaovcharphoto
Hair&Make-up: Fruzsina Hollósi @make-up_by_fruzsinahollosi
Stylist: Richard Demeter @richarddemeter
Stylist assistant : Berta Bagi @bertabagi
Product: Liu Viktória Jenifer @viktorialiu @facemodelmanagementhungary
Location: Le Til Kúria @letilkuria
Initially Assistant : Seloua Benkaid Kasbah @seloua_benkaid_kasbah
Submit-Generation: Zahar @justlike_magic


Higher-conclusion pieces. They highlight the wearer’s gender without the need of currently being cliché about it. A model to be photographed with significant posing, advanced established layout.


Lively, normally limited-fitting clothes. The wearer’s silhouette is vital. Dynamic posing, with mild demonstrating the wearer’s system, is practical listed here.


Superior-end clothes manufactured to in shape the wearer. It is critical to demonstrate how flawlessly the garment satisfies. Each individual depth, curve, and form must be captured in a way that highlights the ideal healthy.


A luxury material that is frequently smooth. Black velvet is amid the toughest fabrics to photograph.  It is a superior idea to use Parabolic modifiers when operating with velvet as then the texture is brought out most competently.


A split allowing for increased movement. Can be applied to develop movement in your graphic with a wind equipment.

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