A Film and a Game for All Ages

Yoshiko Yap

“Luck” is a film about an unlucky young woman who discovers what the true meaning of luck really is while the game based in the movie involves a little luck and some skill, too. Both are appropriate and enjoyable for people of all ages. Read on to learn more.

The Film

“Luck,” the film is an animated production that stars Sam, a teenage girl who thinks that she has the worst luck in the world. She is an orphan, for one thing, and now that she has turned eighteen, she must learn to live independently. Her friend, Hazel, however, is up for adoption, and Sam hopes that she will have more luck.

Then one day Sam finds a lucky penny, and her luck seems to change. She decides to give the penny to Hazel, but then she accidentally flushes the coin down the toilet. Sam encounters a black cat named Bob who leads her, inadvertently, into the Land of Luck where Sam hopes to get a new penny for Hazel. Along the way, they meet Babe the dragon, Jeff the unicorn, and a host of other characters to try to re-balance the luck in the world.

Lessons From the Film

While the movie is hilarious, it also provides some important lessons for people of all ages. Young and old alike are invited to think about what luck really is and how, sometimes, people must make their own luck through their attitudes and actions. Viewers have the chance to reflect on cooperation and friendship, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Unlikely companions come together to overcome their fears, learn about each other and about themselves, and eventually discover that they can set things right through perseverance and determination. These are good lessons for anyone and everyone.

The Game

“Luck,” the movie, has a new game that is also titled Luck. It is designed around the film’s characters and symbols, and it offers unique gameplay that people of all ages can enjoy. The game begins with each player receiving $49 in play money and a set of tokens. One player shuffles a deck of cards and places it in a “tuck box.” Each card in the deck corresponds to a square on the game board. To start play, the first player either bids or passes on the first card in the box. The other players also bid or pass, and the highest bidder wins the card and places a token on the corresponding square. The first player to set four tokens in a row wins the game. To increase the action, even more, the deck contains a few wild cards with special rules.

Lessons From the Game

The game of Luck is fast-paced and exciting, but like the film, it offers some helpful lessons. Younger players build their math skills as they decide how much they can afford to bid and keep track of their remaining “money.” All players boost their decision-making and problem-solving skills as they determine whether to bid or pass and strategize to win.

Indeed, “Luck, the movie, and Luck, the game, are both satisfying experiences for people of all ages, so give them a try.

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