4 Benefits of AI for Online Gaming

Yoshiko Yap

If it seems to you like artificial intelligence, AI, is becoming a greater part of literally every type of technology within every industry, you are absolutely correct. You would be hard pressed to find one industry, or even one niche within an industry, that doesn’t benefit in one way or another from AI. And so it is with the gaming industry. If you are a developer, here is some of what you might want to know about the benefits of AI for the online gaming industry and gamers alike!

1. An Immersive Experience for Gamers

If there is one thing which can be said of AI, it would be its ability to follow human interaction with a game so that games can be made more immersive. This means that AI was able to create scenarios that were actually more realistic, if you can fathom that! It takes artificial intelligence to mimic human behavior realistically. Well, it does and as a result, players actually feel quite like they have one foot out of virtual reality and are ‘almost’ in the real world. It’s amazing that this is something that AI can do!

2. AI Automation for a Reduction in Labor

As with any other industry, AI is able to work seamlessly in the background collecting and analyzing data. What took hundreds and hundreds of manpower hours previously can take milliseconds with the technology of AI. Now you can see a game developer with one of these portable gaming computers at almost any internet café happily working away at the game being developed as information is collected, analyzed and made accessible to the developer. AI will look for such things as gaming styles and behaviors so that if the developer is straying too far away from trends, AI can suggest moving in alternate directions. Bear in mind that a human is ultimately responsible for everything being coded, but it sure helps to have a workhorse like AI at your side to do the ‘heavy lifting.’

3. AI Uses Gaming Behavior to Improve and Upgrade Games

As mentioned above, AI can follow and track gamers’ behavior which can then be communicated to the game’s developer. This is a technology that will observe a set number of gamers so that playing styles can be assessed. If AI finds that a few tweaks would enhance the gamer’s experience, the developer can begin editing code so that even the most popular of games can be that much more enjoyable.

4. Aiding in the Control of Addiction

Here is one final thing that many people don’t like to address, but it is ultimately extremely important. Addiction comes in all forms and gaming and gambling have seen a rise in addicts. Whether they are just seeking that elusive win or are seriously intoxicated by the thrill of being in a totally alien alternate reality, there’s something in them that prevents them from stepping away. AI is an invaluable aid in helping online casinos spot the propensity for becoming addicted and is thus able to help those casinos alter their approach in addressing addiction at their site. While casinos want the revenue from players, they don’t want to be responsible for creating an addict who will then impact everyone in his or her life.

Whether you are a developer or a gamer, you can thank AI for bringing the world of gaming alive in a whole new realm just one step away from reality. 

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