3 Dog Types that are Easy to Train

Yoshiko Yap
<strong>3 Dog Types that are Easy to Train</strong>

Dogs are one of the most fun animals to have with humans. So, it is not surprising that many people choose dogs as pets. However, not all dog breeds can be trained easily, and if the dog we keep is not well behaved, it can be a great source of stress.

Chua Ong Rowland, A health professional at Fast ESA letter said that, dogs can also have all sorts
of unwanted behaviors such as constantly barking, pulling on leashes, breaking things in the
house, and not socializing well with other people or animals. So, proper training is very
important for any pet, whether it be making it a family friend, a service animal, an emotional
support animal, or a guard animal.

Pet dogs need to know basic obedience, for example giving instructions like “sit down, shut up, come on and get off” is an important skill that must be mastered before bringing a dog into unfamiliar surroundings and unfamiliar activities.

Also, when we think about bringing a new pet into our lives, first consider which breed is the easiest to train because instinct and intelligence play a role in training a dog. With regular training, any puppy — from the smartest dog breeds to the slower learners — can usually learn the basics.

Here is a list of seven dogs that are the easiest to train and make obedient pets.

1. Border collie

Border collies are intelligent and energetic dogs. Often found in the Scottish border regions, collies are agile, intelligent, and great at herding. However, keep in mind that border collies require a lot of time, attention, and special activity. It is well worth the effort as one of the most loyal and obedient dog breeds.

2. German Shepherd

These dogs are known as guides for the blind, guard dogs, and shepherd dogs. Not surprisingly, this dog is one of the most popular breeds because it has a strong protective instinct. So, it is important to train him early. At least, spending 3 – 10 minutes several times a day to train the Dog Marathon sessions are also not good because the attention span is too short. On the other hand, growing puppies also need rest and sleep. Give the puppy regular breaks.

Pre-meal training and offering treats can also be productive because food is such a big motivator. Some researchers say that male and female dogs differ in terms of training. Because males are usually more difficult to train.

3. Papillion

With their small stature and light body, this breed belongs to the American Kennel Club toy dog ​​group. These puppies are also noted for their large, butterfly-shaped ears (“Papillon” is French for “butterfly”).

Papillon is also an intelligent dog, confident, fun, loving, and always happy. Because they are so good at learning tricks and obedience, the Papillon is one of the best dogs for humans. Although these little puppies may seem fragile, the papillon can be a companion for us to exercise and play with. We can also train papillon puppies to do many things, and this popular, agile pet thrives on mental stimulation.

Try training the papillon to do fun tricks or participating in dog sports like agility courses with obstacles to jump and so on.

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